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BESTWAY Medical Beauty has been integrating aesthetics and design concepts into modern medicine. BESTWAY brings together world-class technology, global medical experts, and complies with JCI international medical. BESTWAY medical allows in-depth understanding of the balance between medical technology and aesthetics to create personalized medical Beauty services.

and shape modern women's beauty, health and elegance, both within and outside.

BESTWAY Aesthetics

In the 18th century, Europe had established a disciplined, logical and rigorous aesthetic system. Over time, we have studied many classical paintings, sculptures, architectures, based on perspective, anatomy, lighting and other scientific and medical means, and have quantified, analyzed and presented beauty with the support of western aesthetic development history.

Adhering to these aesthetic qualities, BESTWAY Medical Beauty has developed a unique overall aesthetic design system, which combines eastern aesthetics while exploring the depths of beauty in each woman’s heart, to highlight it and make it shine.

BESTWAY Medical Sciences

In-depth study of medicinal science and aesthetics, with Chinese and Western classical aesthetics, human aesthetics, psychology and medical ethics as the theoretical basis, integrating muscles, tissues, bones, structure and other physiological medical forms into modern applications of art and culture. We consider aesthetics of each individual, starting from figure, color, style, temperament, content and other dimensions, to interpret natural and spiritual beauty.

Private Beauty Customization

BESTWAY firmly believed that "All wonderful things come from the spiritual world." Fight with soulless beauty with personality which is independent, self-confident, pretty and intelligent! BESTWAY is exploring, creating and sharing beauty with a unique aesthetic concept!

Private beauty customization is a beautiful philosophy that explores the real beauty within you. For 20 years we have provided services to innumerable women – entertainment stars, supermodels, politicians, celebrities and successful women, and have created unique spiritual beauty for the seemingly ordinary individuals as well. We have built a strong team by signing on many internationally renowned physicians, and have in-depth cooperation with global authorities. We have customized exclusive overall beauty solutions for beauty seekers, formed a comprehensive global medical Beauty platform to bring together physical and mental beauty of modern women, and spare no efforts to enhance women’s beauty throughout their life!

  • Exclusive micro-plastic surgery aesthetic design
  • Private beauty customization VIP classroom
  • European "Healthy Youth Trip"
  • Private wardrobe management
  • Private overseas escorted shopping
  • Private photography& styling customization
  • Private jewelry customization
  • Private image customization

Authoritative International Physician Team

Internationally renowned physicians, global expert doctor library, and cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate medical Beauty services and experience, leading the international frontiers.

Overall Aesthetics Comprehensive Effect Management Center

With international standard laminar flow purification operating room, safe anesthesia system, personalized image design, and perfect postoperative management, we are building leading international plastic surgery services.
With international standard laminar flow purification operating room, safe anesthesia system, personalized image design, and perfect postoperative management, we are building leading international plastic surgery services.

Featured Items:

Seamless double eyelid surgery, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, comprehensive nose job and nose lift, facial reshaping, chin shaping, small incision rhytidectomy, improved park method double eyelid surgery, fivedimension multi-level face rejuvenation, fascia compound lift, inframammary fold incision breast enhancement, oriental artistic slimming contouring, DV / DS facial & body contouring

Use internationally advanced skin care concepts, perfectly combined with a variety of high-tech cosmetology and TCM cosmetology, to adjust the body from the inside, so that the skin glows from inside to outside.

Featured Items:

Facial complex management, IPL photorejuvenation, laser freckle removal, RF anti-wrinkle & firming, whitening rejuvenation, needleless plastic surgery, freezing point painless hair removal, comprehensive acne skin management, medical SPR

Micro-Plastic Surgery
The world's leading injection materials and injection technology, perfect preoperative assessment, data development, effect simulation system, new and excellent aesthetic philosophy, as well as skilled technology, to turn a small change into a finishing touch.

Featured Items:

Slimming contouring, body part lift, soft tissue filling, part contouring

Dental Surgery
Core features such as stealth, comfortable, transparent, convenient (less frequent visits, short check-in time) and safe, become beautiful all of a sudden, without affecting your normal life and communication with others, arbitrarily change things without the knowledge of others.

Featured Items:

Stealth teeth correction, dental implant, repair filling, all porcelain crown, drug whitening, home whitening, ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine principles and human aesthetics with Chinese characteristics, we study the prevention and treatment of diseases that may affect appearance, as well as disguise and correct physiological defects that may affect appearance, and help you prevent disease, keep fit, extend life, maintain youth, and maintain and reshape the beauty of the human body and spirit.

Featured Items:

Polymer Needle Suspension Physical Therapy

BESTWAY Medical Beauty is committed to improving the level of hair transplant in China and to provide people with high quality and advanced medical services, environment and equipment in line with those available in Europe and the United States. We are the first to introduce the international FUE Hair Transplant PCID (Cole Hair Transplant Device) system and technology.

Featured Items:

Advanced artistic seamless eyebrow transplant, artistic hair transplant, artistic beard transplant

Private Parts
BESTWAY Medical Beauty Private Part Plastic Surgery Center helps you solve problems in your private parts and makes you perfect again, so as to deepen feelings between couples, and provide greater harmony for the family.

Featured Items:

Private part plastic surgery, vaginal tightening, hymen repair, small labia reshaping, genital plastic surgery

Integrated Customization ItemsIntegrated · Systematic · Harmonious

  • Exquisite Facial Reshaping
    Based on overall facial coordination and greater emphasis on full integration of individual temperament, to lay a solid foundation for enhancing facial beauty.
  • Integrated Body Care Rejuvenation
    With the world's five core technology portfolio and pioneering scientific research, we will help you say goodbye to aging, reproducing youth, moisturize skin, rejuvenate your body and make it more healthy.
  • Body Contour Management
    Based on intelligent positioning system, BESTWAY experts will analyze body problems, and combined with oriental artistic slimming contouring, DV / DS facial & body contouring and other systems, help create a perfect body contour management program.
  • Oral Cavity Cosmetology & Care
    With close industry cooperation with the world's leading dental equipment manufacturers and International Dental Medical Center, we guarantee to provide customers a full range of safe, stylish and healthy oral cavity cosmetology services.
  • Integrated Skin Care
    Based on customers’ skin conditions, utilizing high-end test equipment, and by combining years of clinical experience, our experts will accurately determine the problem, quickly identify the root causes, and create a safe, efficient and flexible combination of advanced integrated improvement program on a case by case basis for skin cleansing, freckle removal, depigmentation, firming and rejuvenation.
  • TCM Recuperation
    Based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, conditioning organs and balancing Yin and Yang, to promote blood circulation and adjust body status, so as to achieve beauty control or disease prevention for comprehensive rejuvenation.

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