360° Healthcare Industry Platform

The Group covers four major industry segments – Specialist Medical Beauty Chain, Wellness Management Chain, Healthcare Innovation Center and Healthcare Big Database,we are making efforts to build a integrity medical health care industry chain ,to promote sustainable development in the high-end medical field.

With its forward-looking international vision and superb medical aesthetics, in just a few years, BESTWAY Healthcare Group has become synonymous with high-class, professionalism and pioneering leadership in the industry.

Specialist Medical Beauty Chain

Create personalized Medical Beauty services,
shape modern women's beauty,
health and elegance, both within and outside

Wellness Management Chain

Adhering to the concept of "prevention is better than cure", provide one-stop health management solutions

Healthcare Innovation Center

Based on high-tech R&D, transform technology,
patents and other achievements through industry M&A,
local and international research cooperation,
joint development by well-known academic laboratories,
independent R&D and other methods

Healthcare Big Database
Accurate Decoding of Health Trends

Carry out continuous and dynamic customer
data management with large and accurate customer base data models,
introduce medical AI to enable future intelligent medical
diagnosis and treatment applications

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