BESTWAY Healthcare Group's Investors Relations Department is a key department based on the Group's four major business segments (i.e. Specialist Medical Beauty Chain, Wellness Management Chain, Healthcare Big Database and Healthcare Innovation Center), integrating development strategies such as Healthcare Industry M&A Fund specialization, internationalization and capitalization.

The Department’s role is to develop, plan, seek and match relevant resources for all major business segments, including but not limited to various domestic and international listed and non-listed companies, parent funds, government guidance funds, PEVC organizations, healthcare industry funds, trade associations, governments, financial institutions, financial media, professional consulting companies, high net worth individuals, etc.

At the same time, the Department also holds regular meetings for investors, news media, securities analysts and industry analysts to raise their awareness about the Group and the capital market, and to periodically disclose the Group's latest news, business development plans, operating conditions and capital status.

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