Social Responsibility

Participating in social undertakings is a duty of all enterprises. Since the day it was established, BESTWAY Healthcare Group has made social responsibility its mission, alongside development and professionalism. It remains committed to developing numerous public welfare systems and shouldering social responsibilities while taking practical actions, so as to enable more people to participate in this act of love and care.

Adhering to the concept of Care·Professionalism·Responsibility, BESTWAY Healthcare Group has established two public welfare systems – BESTWAY Early Detection - Safe Future Breast Cancer Care Fund and BESTWAY Beautiful Angel Special Fund.

BESTWAY Early Detection - Safe Future Breast Cancer Care Fund

Incidence of breast cancer ranks no.1 globally among women with malignant tumors! In China, there are about 250,000 new patients each year, double the growth rate of the world average, making it the biggest killer of women. However, it has not received extensive attention and relevant aid systems are lacking.

BESTWAY Early Detection - Safe Future Breast Cancer Care Fund aims to focus on women’s health, prevent disease and protect their life and health, integrate professional medical services, health management, healthcare innovation R&D and healthcare Big Data, introduce Chinese and foreign advanced medical resources, and provide breast cancer early screening, prevention, treatment, psychological care and other services. The aim is to help breast cancer patients get timely and sustainable treatment through appropriate medical assistance, improve their life quality, and contribute towards breast cancer prevention in China. This is the long-term commitment and social responsibility of BESTWAY Healthcare Group for China.

BESTWAY Beautiful Angel Special Fund

In October 2013, BESTWAY Beautiful Angel Special Fund was established in association with Shanghai Charity Foundation. It aims to assist abandoned children, children with facial defects and poor children living in mountainous areas. It will also set up Hope primary schools and support implementation of the mid-west urban and rural teachers exchange program. So far, it has provided aid for numerous groups such as children with cleft lips and palate, burns, congenital heart disease, cancer patients, earthquake disaster victims and poor children living in mountainous areas, letting them feel the warmth and care from society, spreading happiness everywhere, and building a joyful community.

Corporate University

BESTWAY Healthcare Group Corporate University is the Group's functional center that aims to achieve the Group's overall strategy. Its main responsibility is to cultivate middle and senior management talents, fulfill lifelong learning requirements of employees and transform the Group into a learning organization.

The Group's CEO, Mr. Dou Dan serves as the University's Principal, and the Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr. Jia Zhendong serves as the Vice Principal.

The University has three functional departments, Business School, Management School and Medical School, providing marketing education training for market development and maintenance, employee professional quality and skills training, and re-training of medical professionals, respectively.

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