Eight Aesthetic Design Concepts

According to traditional thinking, plastic cosmetic beauty is a man-made modification; therefore the beauty portrayed is not natural. Bestway is different from these types of traditional medical beauty institutions - Bestway uses a unique way. It is a complete and perfect aesthetic design philosophy which can unearth women’s inner beauty, draw it out and make it shine. We make every effort to adopt this philosophy, so we make every woman that leaves Bestway feel unique and full of ‘inner beauty’.

  • The Style of the Four Seasons

    By women’s different skin color, bone structure, pupil color and temperament, Bestway can classify their seasonal style - spring, summer, autumn or winter. According to these different types of women an exclusive plan can be formulated.

  • Refusing Soulless Beauty

    Any customer who comes to Bestway seems to be seeking beauty, but actually they are looking in their hearts for something more. Bestway helps every customer undertake a dialogue with their inner-self to unearth their innermost beauty.

  • Fusing Eastern and Western Beauty

    Usually Eastern women’s facial structure is somewhat ‘flatter’ compared to Western women. However, Western women’s faces may also lack ‘softness’ compared to Eastern women’s. Bestway has created a combination of these elements.

  • The Science of Proportion

    Bestway creates unique and exclusive facial beauty according to the International Aesthetic Golden Ratio. This golden ratio is used in the design stage to create a perfectly proportioned female face.

  • Crafting the Perfect Face

    Good micro-plastic beauty surgeons are artists. Bestway’s surgeons merge together body aesthetics, skin composition, the study of appearance in Feng Shui, Neurology, and other professional aspects.

  • Merging the Essence

    Bestway rejects creating ‘patchy’ beauty. They separate the face into 68 different parts so they can find the original root of the imperfection, and then scientifically target facial structures in accordance with the model.

  • Internal and External Cultivation

    According to client’s age, temperament, occupation, future long-term professional plans, and customer’s imperfections, Bestway will undertake targeted modification to adhere with the notions of inner beauty and complete beauty.

  • Customer’s Experiences

    Bestway incorporates global authoritative medical institutions, assembling a top international team of professional aesthetic design experts and doctors to provide tailor-made beauty. Customers can even participate in their own appearance design.

Personal Customized Beauty

Asia’s micro-plastic aesthetic design queen Zheng Hanwen joined hands with China's Personal Customized Beauty professional instructor Song Ce to write and create a global first in aesthetic literature -Personal Customized Beauty. From a professional viewpoint of femininity aesthetics, as well as incorporating women’s changing beauty, Chinese women are creating a new era of ‘Personal Customized Beauty’ together.

  • Micro-Plastic Design

    In Bestway’s micro-plastic cosmetic center, a tiny change can accomplish a huge result. Individualized 3-D modeling ensures that the patient’s face is full of spiritual and unique beauty, thus advancing from the era of generic micro-plastic design. We give the best, most scientific, safest, and most intuitive design schemes for every woman. The biggest characteristic is letting our honored guests participate in designing their own countenance. The world’s leading injection materials and injection techniques, perfect pre-procedure assessment, data formulation, post-procedure simulation systems, matching top level aesthetic design professional’s original aesthetic concepts and international micro-plastic expert’s skilled and detailed techniques, all of which makes scarless and painless beauty.

  • Custom VIP Course

    Bestway Personal Customized Beauty VIP Course will change women’s past life style, thoroughly finishing the days of relying on copying famous stars in pursuit of beauty. Allowing every woman’s appearance, soul and character to all be in perfect agreement. Under the banner of Bestway we have signed celebrity modeling experts and international artistic companies. We regularly hold various large-scale celebrity parties, tea parties, Spa meetings, clothing, jewelry, and luxury evening wear customization salons. From this we can have built the industry’s most fashionable beauty customization course.

  • Cellular Detoxification

    At Bestway International Medical Beauty’s anti-aging center there are industry leading experts from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan examining customers using Swiss, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese advanced technology, harmonizing the whole and the parts with the principles of nature and health to develop a scheme to promote health, completely restoring health and skin to peak conditions, stopping aging at the root, and giving a youthful appearance. From the most advanced scientific technology and medical methods comes the most advanced cellular detoxification treatment including, living cell anti-aging and stem cell anti-aging treatment. This treatment adheres to life’s most pertinent demand - letting youth remain in its most beautiful state, bringing about a real journey into youth.

  • Wardrobe Management

    Bestway International is the industry leader in the wardrobe management; it possesses the most comprehensive global VIP personal wardrobe customized management system, having signed eleven of the most noted French fashion designers to make a tailor made exclusive style for our customers. Members throughout the year at any time can receive the most professional guidance and individual style matching, making their wardrobe never become a place of frustration again.

  • Overseas Shopping

    Bestway International provides a professional overseas accompanied shopping team, according to customer’s individual characteristics, purchasing the most suitable and the most collectable fashion items, will enhance women’s fashion taste, whilst saving a large amount of cost. Comprehensively finding fashion brands which are most fitting with customers characteristics, even including communicating with custom brand designers for Chinese and overseas large-scale fashion shows.

  • Custom Photography

    Wishing to capture a fashion magazine cover style, or a portrait of our most charming self, we need the most professional personal photographic modelling customization team and Bestway has exactly this. Bestway will comprehensively present a perfect image, letting the honored member enjoy high level image services. The most beautiful captured moment will become an instant classic, making the most tasteful and beautiful image be forever passed on.

  • Jewelry Design

    Bestway has compiled famous jewelry designers from Beijing, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and including Europe’s famous jewelry designers, who design limited edition jewelry for Bestway’s honored clients. Major designer brands, according to Bestway’s member’s information, design limited edition exclusive jewelry. Every collaborating designer’s pieces will have their own exclusive and unique style, and during the Personal Customized Beauty Customized VIP Course and other activities they will be revealed to us.

  • Image Design

    Bestway International Medical Beauty’s Chairman Ms Zhang Han Wen puts forward a notion of ‘spiritual design’, using the international recognized TPO (Time Place Occasion) clothing principle. This lets people deeply understand that with clothing you cannot be complacent because clothing is an individual’s indication of subjective taste. Bestway according to women’s skin color and qualities determines which dress color and makeup color are most suitable, then they undertake an exclusive color customization according to the faces character traits and recommend a more suitable hair style. Also by checking body type they can help selecting clothes that can reveal more clearly the figures good points, in turn effectively concealing the less flattering parts. They will also recommend different styles encompassing eastern and western, and classical and modern.

Twelve Brand Items

  • Scarless Breast Modification

    Well-proportioned and full breasts have always been a focal point of a woman’s glamour, not to mention the ultimate temptation that men relentlessly pursue


  • Advanced Liposuction

    Bestway experts use an exclusive German intelligent location system to do a variety of tests and accurate analysis on the persons figure.


  • Korean Style Eye Shaping

    Bestway Korean Artistic Eye Shaping Center possesses a highly experienced team of senior cosmetic eye experts with a unique appreciation of beauty.


  • Advanced Rhinoplasty

    Considering facial features, the overall foundation of beauty and emphasizing a person’s characteristics, our experts can realize a pronounced, beautiful and natural enhancement.


  • Ceramic Crystal Crowns

    We maintain a close working relationship with the top manufacturer of medical dental equipment to ensure that for every customer we can provide safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing dental beauty service.


  • Anti-Aging

    Using the most advanced modern anti-aging regenerative medicine principles and technology, we can provide a complete and scientific individualized care regimen.


  • Wrinkle Management

    According to the customers situation experts will undertake a comprehensive test using the most advanced, safe and effective wrinkle and line removal treatment methods.


  • Imperfection Removal

    The full effect freckle removal center’s Japanese and Korean experts use state of the art machines; accompanied with years of clinical experience they can quickly remove imperfections at the root.


  • Acne Management

    After finding the source of the acne a directed and personalized treatment plan will be provided according to your physiology, health condition, age and more.


  • Micro-Plastic Injections

    Uniting the world’s leading hyaluronic acid, collagen, Artecoll, Botox, Yiwei lan and needles suppliers to make China’s biggest micro-plastic injection work station.


  • Porcelain Beauty

    A combination of the world’s five core technologies, landmark research achievements, Bestway lets your skin say good bye to aging, restoring luster and moisture to obtain a porcelain white radiance.


  • Advanced Eyebrow Planting

    Adopting international scarless and painless micro-technology. New eyebrows that will never fall and have a pure color.


Beauty Customization Centers

  • Cosmetic Surgery Center

    International standard laminar flow operating room, safe anesthesia systems, individualized image design, perfect post-surgery management, all of which let you enjoy an internationally leading cosmetic surgery service.

    Classic Items:

    Scarless double eyelid procedure· puffiness reduction· Korean comprehensive nose enhancement· face shaping - chin augmentation· micro-incision wrinkle removal · scarless breast enhancement

  • Skin Beauty Center

    Adopting internationally advanced skin care concepts, combining various types of high-tech cosmetic and medical technology and from undergoing adjustment on the micro level, skin will internally and externally glow.

    Classic Items:

    Shine Rejuvenation· RF Wrinkle Firming· BD-LS· Zero Injection Mesotherapy· Freezing Point Hair Removal· Skin Whitening· Skin Acne· Laser Freckle Removal· Korean Embroidery· Medical SPR

  • Micro-Plastic Cosmetic Center

    The world’s leading injection materials and technology with complete pre-operation assessment, data formulation, result simulation system, original aesthetic concepts and skilled techniques, all let a small change result into a big difference.

    Classic Items:

    Botox –Q· Med Hyaluronic Acid· Artecoll Collagen· S Whitening Injections

  • Dental Beauty Center

    The main advantages of this treatment are that it’s, invisible, comfortable, transparent, convenient (few diagnosis and shorter examination times) safe, It does not affecting your normal day to day routines, and you can also take it out at any time.

    Classic Items:

    All-Ceramic Crowns· Teeth Correction· Whitening· Ultrasonic Scaling

  • Anti-Aging Health Center

    Advanced technology from Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, Japan and Korea, help pursue our biggest aspiration in life - to control the process of aging.

    Classic Items:

    Swiss Cellular Detoxification Treatment· German Natural Life Treatment· PPC Cellular Treatment· Biological Cell Immunotherapy

  • Hair Transplant Center

    Bestway Medical Beauty has always been committed to promoting the level of hair transplantation in China and providing Chinese people with high-quality and advanced equipment, and a European style service.

    Classic Items:

    Advanced Artistic Scarless Eyebrow Planting· Artistic Hair Transplantation· Artistic Facial Hair Planting

  • Women’s Private Area Beauty Center

    Bestway Medical Beauty Private Area Micro-Plastic Center will help solve your worries and make your body perfect, giving you confidence and increase your level of intimacy with your partner.

    Classic Items:

    Private Area Shaping· Vaginal Tightening· Hymen Repair· Labia Shaping· Vulva Shaping

  • Preventative Medical Testing Center

    Based on human genetic research results, the development and application of genetic testing for human health service, adhering to the promotion of human health and improving the quality life is our purpose. We will keep ourselves at the front of scientifi

    Classic Items:

    Cellular and Molecular Function Medical Testing · Ultra-Early Cancer Screening· Holographic Bio-Energy Detection